Viviana portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 13-18, 2015
  • Viviana
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Sunrise Lakes

It started out at 7:00am at our campsite. After we had breakfast we were heading out to Cloud's Rest. The hike wasn't going to be easy and most of us knew that. I'm not much of a hiker. Actually, I never hike, this was my first time so I knew that it was going to be difficult. The hike was not easy, I got tired a lot. The beginning, I wouldn't say it was easy but was alright. Towards the end of the hike there were cliffs and rocks that were very scary. I knew I was scared of heights but towards the end I felt like i had a panic attack. I couldn't breathe at all and that was very scary, a scary feeling. My friends were very encouraging though. When we go to Cloud's rest it felt great and I felt very accomplished.

viviana view

What a view!

Spirit Walk
Going through the trail was very relaxing. You had time to think about things and reflect your whole trip here to Yosemite.When I was going through the trail, I was a little scared since there was a big gap between the person in front of me and in back. In the beginning the only thing I was thinking about was that I hope I didn't see a bear or a coyote. After awhile my mind just started drifting. I thought about all I had to do when I got home and what I missed about my house. This trip was a great experience, I learned a lot and I did things.

fire clean

Cleaning up old fire rings.

I'm not much of an outdoor person, so coming here was definitely going out of my comfort zone. To me, wilderness is that, going out of your comfort zone and doing things you normally wouldn't do, and overcoming your fears. Today, I wouldn't say it overcame my fear because I'm still scared of it, but today we hiked all the way up to Sunrise Mountain. Throughout the trip I got tired alot and sometimes just felt like to quit. When we were at the top we had to climb these rocks and if you were at the top and you looked down there was basically a huge drop, and that is my fear, heights and falling down so high. My emotions were all over the place towards the top because it was a very very scary feeling, it's just something I don't like to do. My friends and Deeps were very encouraging though, and that's mainly the only reason I made it to the top. At the end the view was great, scary still but it looked beautiful. That's what wilderness is, going out of your comfort zone, and maybe just trying to overcome your fear.

Top view

Made it to the top!

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