Maribel portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 13-18, 2015
  • Maribel
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Sunrise Lakes

Wilderness means to me three words: Unknown Scary Beauty. It all ties in together, the unknown to many people is scary, yet what we don't seem to realize is that while yes the unknown maybe extremely scary, there's also a chance that it may also be extremely beautiful. Yosemite for example, while driving down the road all you see are trees and more trees, and when you look deep inside the forest, most people think about how scary it would be to end up getting lost. But in all honesty, there is beauty in getting lost. Sometimes you have to get lost a couple of times for you to truly find yourself.

mountain top

On the mountain!

Today we reached Cloud's Rest. It was actually not as hard as I thought it would be. Matter of fact, the hike to our campsite was actually harder. The view from up here is so beautiful though, you can see everything, almost the entire valley. I normally hate heights because I'm scared I'll fall off. But this view, man, it's breathtaking. Totally worth the physical pain and soreness I'll feel sometime soon.

close up selfie

Relaxing with Alexa

Spirit Walk It was very lonely walking down by myself. All I saw was green, and dirt, and an endless amount of rocks that I may or may not have tripped over. Overall though, the walk was very peaceful. I thought about half a million things. Stuff I have to do when I get back home, college, and my brother. then things just strung along from within those subjects.

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