Isabela portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 13-18, 2015
  • Isabela
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Sunrise Lakes

I am out in the wilderness, don't know what time it is. I lost contact with civilization.

range look

Looking out over the mountain range.

As I just heard in the group conversation, people have many meanings to wilderness. I said that it means adventures, but I also forgot to add how it brings everyone closer...sitting around eating our meals, or sunbathing with each other to get body warmth. I already feel like i contributed a lot by helping with the fire rings. I hope tomorrow will be another learning experience, when walking to Cloud's Rest.

packs on

On the trail with pack on!

Today was a normal day. The only thing was an expedition. Packing my pack to get along on the hike, I had to eat first. Starting on the trail, enjoying the sights and also nature. Slightly losing my breath, I spot fresh bear poop. Wondering where the bear has just gone, I continue on my adventure. Going up one by one, my steps getting longer, looking left and right. People are in awe from how high up we are. Not even close to the summit, we just have huge rocks that appear to be our obstacle. People are crying from their fear of heights. They overcome this obstacle with the help of all of us being leaders. Cloud's Rest is the most spectacular view of the whole national park.

smoke point

Now listen here, smoke!

Spirit Hike
The spirit walk in my experience was such a great experience. I found that it was very peaceful majestic amazing serene open untouched

Among all of this I enjoyed spending time with myself and enjoying how quiet it truly was. No one was singing, making a beat or anything. In all truth I loved my spirit walk. I was playing a game with myself, Lava Game, I Spy, singing in my head. I wish I could keep doing this.

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