Enrique portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 13-18, 2015
  • Enrique
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Sunrise Lakes

Wilderness in my definition is that when you step outside the parking lot more than 3 miles away, because you're feeling the nature and having an adventure. For an example, hiking uphill for 3-4 hours is wilderness.

shark island

Teamwork makes a dream work!

Day 1 while hiking
Before we as a group hiked to Sunrise Lake we all ask "how high is it? How long will it take us to get there?" As we were hiking we thought we hiked for 3 miles but in reality we hiked for 2 miles. After 2 miles we stop and ate as we were almost finished eating the rain started. As we were hiking we all stopped and took a break to look at the most amazing views. We all took pictures. After 4 hours we had finally found our camp site. We all helped each other setting up the tent because we knew working together as a group will make things easier and faster. At 7:20pm we changed into warm clothing and we went to the kitchen tent to eat our dinner. After dinner we went to bed at 8:50pm.

Day 2
I woke up at 6:40am and started crying because it's been 4 days without my family/friends/loved ones. After I stopped crying I went to eat oatmeal. I don't like oatmeal. As I was eating I started crying again because I was thinking about people that I know. After breakfast we changed to warm clothing. The park ranger came to hang out with us and we helped her rearrange/take out the fire ring. I saw so many things that inspired me, for example a lake, animals, burned trees. We ate lunch afterwards. After lunch we went on a hike to the top of the mountain. When we got there it was so amazing! And cold.

deeps cook

Whipping up something good with Deeps.

Day 3 - Climax
In the morning at 8:30 we started hiking towards Cloud's Rest. While hiking I was thinking about how would my life be if I lived in the valley like this. As I was thinking I told myself "Maybe I do want to live here." After 3 miles of hiking I changed my mind "I don't want to live here because I can hardly live without wifi, texting, tv shows, etc." We we got to Cloud's Rest so many people wanted to go back home or campsite. I personally want to go back home. I miss everybody there especially my boyfriend. As I'm writing this I'm at the Cloud's Rest. Looking at everything it's so pretty. I'm glad I made it up here as a group. Quote for the day: "Everything is possible if you make it possible."

thumbs up

Feel alright!

Spirit Walk
At first when I was walking alone I was so happy walking alone and I started taking many pictures to download on my computers. While taking pictures I heard noises. Noises that I never hear in cities. I close my eyes and smile. I saw my family/ friend/ loved ones while my eyes were shut. i smile and almost cried. I open my eyes and told myself "Today is the last night." I cried even more because I don't want to leave, but I also miss the people I know. I started walking and saw my group waiting for me and the people behind me.

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