Dayanna portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 13-18, 2015
  • Dayanna
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Sunrise Lakes

It's a breathtaking experience being out here.. You look out into the open and continue to see beauty all around. I feel so free.. The wind blows and I close my eyes and I feel so relaxed like all my worries from home are blown away with the wind. The wind blowing through the trees sounds so much like the ocean. I could sit here forever just admiring the beauty of it all and feeling as the wind blows through my hair. At night the wilderness continues to be such a beautiful thing. The stars are amazing, you feel like you can hold out your hand and grab them, if it's not raining. It's a scary yet beautiful thing. You feel as though at any moment something is going to pop out of the dark. I'd say that the wilderness at night is like life. You feel so lost and scared but you try not to worry because you know you'll find your way home. The bonds between friends and I has grown stronger. We continue to be there for one another. We encourage and watch out for one another. We know that in the end no matter what we'll all be there for each other, growing stronger and stronger. We all push each other, wanting to finish strong and together, when for example climbing a mountain, and then enjoying and taking in all that beauty creating memories that'll last us a life time. This great adventure, the wilderness, has brought out the best in all of us.

dayanna mtn top

Mountain top smiles.

It was a chilly morning. My toes were numb and I urged for more warmth. There was no more time for me to lay in the sleeping bag, it was time to get up. Many were up before me and had already started eating breakfast. We prepared our things and were about ready to start our adventure. My stomach turned a bit with the thought of such a long hike. I tried to keep a positive attitude and focus on the beauty of Yosemite. As the day went on I felt better and the weather was beautiful. There was no more rain or clouds, the bright sun felt so good on my skin. We all took turns being the leaders and we encouraged and pushed one another and that made the three hour hike so much faster and enjoyable. I cried a little inside looking up at the mountain and seeing how much we had to hike but it was so easy and worth it. Of course it was tiring and I could feel the burning in my legs, but reaching the top and observing this amazing view made it worthwhile. Along the way, climbing up Cloud's Rest, a couple of the girls freaked out a bit but we helped one another and made it up. I wouldn't say I'm scared of heights but it's a terrifying thought to think you will fall. We all ate lunch and together took in all the beauty of this breathtaking place feeling like we were on top of the world.

3 wise women

Relaxing with friends.

Spirit Walk
As I walked through the woods alone, I truly began to appreciate and admire the beauty of it all. I felt so relaxed and free, all by myself. I really began to think about everything back home and for awhile all my worries disappeared. I listened to the trees rustle, the birds sing, the water flow, and for awhile all those sounds took my mind off the ache of my body. I don't really like being alone because I think too much but I enjoyed my spirit walk, even if I got a little lost.

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Map check!

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