Alexandra portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 13-18, 2015
  • Alexandra
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Sunrise Lakes

Dear future Alexa,
Today you accomplished a huge goal at WildLink. You made it to the summit of Sunrise. Even though at times you questioned yourself and ability to make it you still did it. Back in your childhood years you had a big fear of heights. You were so tense and nervous to make it to the top. You did it! It's one for the books! :) This experience should set you up to know you can do anything you set your mind to. "It's the climb!" With this trip you have learned to come out of your comfort zone. You realized how much more you love the wilderness. An amazing experience, you got to live with your classmates. Just remember when things get tough the beautiful summit will be worth it. By the way, you're writing this while sitting on a rock, a very high one. The view is breathtaking, makes me wish others could experience this life changing experience. This trip has also made you realize everything you should be thankful for. Not just the things here, but also the things back home. Sitting on top of this rock and hearing the beautiful water and wind is just so soothing. I will forever remember this.


Made it to the top!

One early morning the Venture WildLink crew was ready to hike to Cloud's Rest mountain. Woke up early to set up backpacks, get food ready, and to get water. The students were nervous and excited for the adventures that await. Started off hiking to get water from the lake, we had to purify the water ourselves. Soon after that our hike started and headed towards our destination. At first it was pretty easy, but the closer we go the more difficult. Our strengths and weakness would be tested. We were able to keep great patience, good attitudes, and courage. We made it up having to face the challenges of heights, narrowness and slipperiness. We had people breakdown but at the end of the day it ended up paying off. We all made it to the top even if our weakness tried to stop us but we overcame all of it. The students were glad to have been able to spend their last day at Yosemite climbing Cloud's Rest mountain. I will forever remember this day, climbing tallest mountain in my life. Super proud.

mountain relax

Relaxing on the mountain with Viviana.

Spirit Walk At first I was pretty nervous about walking alone 30/40 seconds away from classmate. But as the walk started I realized we actually weren't that far. As I walked alone all my senses started focusing on the nature. I heard the water, animals, wind. Such an amazing experience, especially because you were able to focus only on nature. Glad I was able to do this the day before I leave.

water break

Water break!

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