Jazzmin portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 11-16, 2015
  • Jazzmin
  • Turlock High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Lyell Canyon

I love this trip. It opens your mind to new information. Like when I learn to remove/redesign an area with incorrect fire ring. I'm meeting a lot of new people which I became friends with. Ok I get to know people a lot more. I love Yosemite. I never want to leave.

group hangout

A successful trip would be everybody getting along and enjoying themselves on this amazing trip. To me a perfect trip is just having fun with your friends. Also, amazing views would add to the trip.

jazzmin sit

This place makes me feel alive. With the beautiful views and amazing people. I never want to leave Yosemite. It is so peaceful here and that's why I love it. Because you get away from city life and get to take a break.

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