Sara portrait
  • Expedition: May 10-15, 2015
  • Sara
  • New Leaf: A Sustainable Living Collaborative and Turlock High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Little Yosemite Valley

I want to fall with Mother Nature. I want to build a passionate connection with the wilderness and forget the world full of technology, sirens, and noise back home. I've always admired how remarkable Yosemite is but I want it to take my breath away and that has already begun. I have been filled with happiness since we got here and I was surrounded by all the green and the fresh aroma in the air.

I will contribute as much as possible to this whole experience by being as helpful as I can be, as cheerful and energetic as possible, and pushing everything to stay positive and not negative. I will respect nature including trees, mountains, animals, tents, etc, and enjoy it all at the same time. I will challenge myself and do my best throughout the whole trip :)

river sit

Relaxing by the river.

To me, wilderness means being outdoors surrounded by trees, rocks, beautiful clouds, maybe a creek and hearing only the sounds of birds or the wind blowing. Breathing in fresh air, maybe seeing a wild animal or two and being disconnected from the chaotic and technological world that most of us live in. Not being worried aboout the time or what you look like and taking in the beauty of what God created.

My role in wilderness is very important. Every person in the world can make a difference if we chose to. I know that now. My role in wilderness is to be appreciative and respectful as well as care for it and help it stay the same. I am a lover of wilderness and an admirer. There is nothing in this world ever created that is more breathtaking than wilderness.

fire pick

Cleaning out illegal campfire rings

This trip has changed my relationship with wilderness by bringing me closer to it. I had never spent a night high up in a mountain with a beautiful view and seen so many wild animals consecutively. I have learned to appreciate it so much more than I used to as well as respect it and do my part to take care of it (ex: leave no trash, conserve water).

To further my relationship with wilderness I can keep making day trips to come and not lose the connection I've made. Also just spend more time outdoors when I go back home, and try to disconnect from the chaotic world I live in.

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