Esmeralda portrait
  • Expedition: May 10-15, 2015
  • Esmeralda
  • New Leaf: A Sustainable Living Collaborative and Turlock High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Little Yosemite Valley

I want to gain more respect and love for nature. Just enjoy the views and really take the time to enjoy what mother nature gave us. I hope to find peace within myself and learn to appreciate everything around me. Also, to make new memories and for it to be something I always look back to and feel accomplished about it. Overall, I want to gain a memory and experience that I can always remember and for it to be something I can't relive because it was just so amazing. I will contribute lots of motivation and just remain positive throughout the whole experience.

tree stand

Out on the trail.

Wilderness to me means being able to find peace somewhere in a place where it's quiet and relaxing. Just the ability of being able to enjoy and disconnect yourself from the "world." Truly finding who you are and just having clear thoughts. Being able to have no worries besides those you may encounter while being in the wilderness. A place where you are just surrounded by beautiful views and memorable experiences. Having happy or sad thoughts which will be better with just taking in you rviews and the sound of the birds and even the air. The wilderness just makes me think deeply about everything and provides calmness for me. Just knowing that I have beautiful and just amazing places to enjoy fills me with joy. My role is to help conserve what the world or God has provided us. Everybody should be proud and involved in keeping it amazing. Also by passing on my knowledge or even bringing someone out with me to a hike will help conserve the wilderness even if it's just by one person. Overall, just letting people know that if we don't take care of it who will. It's such an amazing thing to have and to just pass it up like it's nothing is something ridiculous to do. If we have the opportunity we should take it to value what is given to us more. If it wasnt for what nature provides for us we wouldnt have many things.

Top of nevada

Esmeralda and Sara at the top of Nevada in the snow!

Now I feel more connected with the wilderness. I have more respect and appreciations towards the wild life. Taking a role in preserving the wilderness means so much more to me. I know that I can find peace in a place where everything is just so pure and beautiful. It can just take one person to make a difference.

To further build my relationship with wilderness I am going to continue to explore new places. I'll try to go on hikes every so often and even just simply go hangout somewhere that's peaceful and where I feel connected with nature. I will spend more time outdoors and also be more cautious of how I preserve our wildlife.

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