Lauren portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 14-19, 2015
  • Lauren
  • Lee Vining and Coleville High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Lyell Canyon

One big inspiration [to come on this trip] that got me inspired was my friends, being with them in the outdoors really made me inspired. Then the other part that inspired me was just being able to see more of this beautiful park than one would if they were just to drive around.

My role in wilderness has been sharing what I’ve learned from this past trip and sharing that information with my friends, family, and peers to help nature more than just by myself.

Some of the challenges I faced to get to Potter Point was whether or not I really wanted to hike all the way up. In the beginning, I didn’t really want to go anywhere, so getting the right mindset of “I can do this” was one of the biggest challenges.

Now that I have reached the top, it feels extremely rewarding because the views are much better compared to if we just hiked the lake. Hiking to the top overall just feels great and is exciting to see everywhere else.

Lauren Dandelions
Lauren Solo River
Lauren Jordyn Dandelions
Lauren Group Rock
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