Lancelot portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 14-19, 2015
  • Lancelot
  • Lee Vining and Coleville High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Lyell Canyon

Let me Live

Like the slaughter of mountains
for the prospect of coal
Like the poison of rivers
for the drilling of oil
Like the forest that is no more for its trees
we’re not bold enough to say
Let me live
Let me stand tall like my brothers and for centuries have
Let me grow and wave
without darkness in hand
Let me grow and branch out
without fear of the man And with beauty and shade, with peace to be made
Let theirs be the things to say
Let Me Live.

I went on WildLink for the third time in a row because I know how amazing this experience can be. I love the fact that I get this opportunity every year and I’m just as thankful now for it as I was the first time.

I am just an observer. I look and explore but try not to touch. Nature is like a museum to be loved from afar (in a way).

Physically going up to Potter Point was not a great challenge. Being courteous to others and thinking about the pace they could go was the only “challenge.” I didn’t mind. Simply remembering was the problem.

I am refreshed with the amazing view and now wish to simply sleep and allow the world to move around me.

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