Gerzon portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 27 - May 1, 2015
  • Gerzon
  • Generation Green Central California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Little Yosemite Valley

The trees are giants. They have lived through thousands of years. They have seen life pass by them. It's an amazing experience to see the purity of nature. The sounds and everything is amazing.

bag stand

Making sure the sleeping bags work from all angles

I have not seen 1 waterfall in 16 years but today I saw four in less than a day. It was a great feeling of accomplishment when I finally reached the top of the falls.

Today we set out on an adventure to Lost Lake. I learned navigation skills and actually used tools to find the lake. We ended up getting lost on top of a mountain forcing us to move back. We finally ended up in a canyon between 2 big mountains and the view of a lifetime.

river journal

Taking some time for reflection by the river.

Today was the hardest day for me mentally and physically. We took a huge journey to reach the top of Cloud's Rest, a 9000 foot mountain. Did I also mention that I am terrified of heights? But I learned that the highest points in life always come with the best view.

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