Mariana portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 23-28, 2014
  • Mariana
  • Generation Green Southern California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Little Yosemite Valley

The first day we went hiking I was very tired. I felt bad because I was walking too slow but Elspie was helping me, motivating me that I could do it and she’ll stop when I stopped which made me feel better to know I’m not alone. Elspie, John, Jason, and Jonar were motivating everyone in the team. Once we got to the top, we started learning about how to build a tent. It was actually pretty easy because we worked as a team and helped one another. I really love this experience because it’s something new to me. I’ve never went camping, I’ve never carried a heavy backpack before, and I’ve never sat in a circle with people to share our feelings, inspirations, all of this is something new to me. I really enjoy every moment I have with the team because we all cooperate, get along, and have love for nature.

Mariana Smiles
Mariana Firewood
Mariana Rain Suit
Mariana Eats Snow
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