Maggie portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 14-19, 2014
  • Maggie
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Lyell Canyon

How does this experience nourish you? (Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually) This experience has already nourished me a whole lot. I will admit that I have never took to the time to stop, take a deep breath, and take in the beauty of my surroundings (nature). Where I live, of course, there isn’t much to see but if you look up just a little and glare at a distance you will see the very top of the mountains and realize they are just beautiful. Even as we drove to Yosemite and began to see all these trees and mountains I was already amazed. My whole thought of how amazing and beautiful nature is has just done a complete turn. I am in love with nature. Today we also took our first hike and it is probabbly the longest/heaviest walk I have evere done. So I know physically I have nourished a lot. I think a lot that kept me motivated were my peers. I am ready to go on many more upcoming hikes. Emotionally I have realized I am HAPPY & I don’t mean like excited or fun, I simply mean happy. Not only does looking up and seeing nature but being around the people I am. I didn’t know much more than their names and it’s only been like 2 days and it makes me happy knowing I am having this experience with people who I can say feel a little more like my family. Spiritually I can feel it back to being happy. I am measuring my spirit day by day with happiness.

How can you nourish others?
The best way to nourish another is to feed them what they need. Not just what they want but what they need to grow in a positive way. Positivity is a great start. Let them feel appreciated. Nourish them what you would like to be nourished.


Keeping it stylish by the river.

What does wilderness mean to you?
The wilderness is a place full of wonder A place where mankind can really see what nature is. Just like the government’s definition, I believe the wilderness is somewhere mankind can visit but not remain permanent. The wilderness is really beautiful and astonishing where no man has imprinted or left trails of visitations. Somewhere you can go and just be like “wow, this seriously exists on earth.” Where you can believe that you might just be the only person on earth experience the beauty in the wilderness.

Why is it important?
Without wilderness what would our earth be like? Most of us have come into this world with a mentality that the normal way of living is on land with houses and streets and whatnot. To live in a man-imprinted place is the “normal” way. We didn’t decide to take certain parts of nature and build a habitat. The wilderness is meant to show us how the world really is. Show us the beauty and original way of the world.


Hard to beat the sun, a mountaintop, and friends!

9/18: Potter Point!
This is the BEST EXPERIENCE I have ever had. I can literally see life from here. The elevation was a little hard for my breathing, just a little, but not once did I want to stop. Climbing through all those rocks was impressing, not just for me but my whole team. I am glad we made this hike. It is just so amazing up here. The most beautiful thing I have seen. As I go back and think about this moment I can say “wow, I CLIMBED THAT!” I am so proud of all of us. The juice is certainly worth the squeeze.


Potter Point journal time.

Q: What do you want to be an ambassador for?
A: I would like to be an ambassador to change the way most people think of the importance of nature.
Q: Who is your audience?
A: The audience would be the general public. Not many believe the wilderness (nature) has much importance. We are born with the idea that the normal world is filled with buildings, houses, streets, freeways, etc… We don’t really know what the actual world really is.
Q: What resources would you need to spread your message or make your desired impacts?
A: First off I would nee to become more involved with nature myself. Figure out how important it is to me. I would also need to find a way to let people know about my message. Even though the internet is far from the real world, it is the most used resource.

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