Manvir portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 14-19, 2014
  • Manvir
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Lyell Canyon

This experience is like no other for me. It will nourish me by challenging me and my team. I will learn more stuff that I can take home and share with other people. The way it’s going to nourish me mentally and spiritually is if I can better myself in ways I’m not so good in. Physically I will have to push my body to the limits, and it will nourish me emotionally by me having a connection with the outdoors. The way I can nourish other people is to maybe lead them when they need leading, push them when they think they can’t do no more. We will become a strong group after facing more and more challenges.


Showing of the Adventure Style line of clothes.

What does wilderness mean to you?
Wilderness to me means the back country and where there is more animal population then people population. Also a place where you don’t see a lot of things that you would in a suburb or city. The wilderness is important because it is a place where some people can come to and feel free. It is also important because of all the wildlife, that’s its home so it’s important we don’t build cities or other human needs in the wilderness.


Manvir Pose!

The way I feel right now is unexplainable. The view I’m looking at is the most amazing thing ever. It was a mission to get up this mountain, but it was worth every step. One of my goals was to climb 10,000 ft and I have not completed that.


Sometimes the views just knock you sideways.

I would like to be an ambassador for a company that works to feed hungry children around the world, mostly 3rd world countries. The company would be non profitable.
The audience would be anyone who is willing to donate money or food.
To make an impact the company would have to find a way to get people’s attention and a way to do that would be tv, radio, etc… I would have to use a sad way to get the people’s attention.

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