Kristopher portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 14-19, 2014
  • Kristopher
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Lyell Canyon

How does this experience nourish you?
Where do I start? I feel free. No longer bound by worries of this life. Physically I have felt great! I needed to become more active. The fresh air, the trees, the wind, the water, it all cleanses me from city life. I am emotionally always hurting over the thought of others missing “it.” The choice of how you live, it’s the same spiritually.

Being out here has challenged and nourished me. By being out here against helping people and missing my woman. I love to help people so it was hard. This place can continue to do so by giving me a workout and no place to sleep. The team and love built by strengthening friendship is a way it’s nourishing me. It can continue to do so by giving us challenges and freedom while not giving lightly the air, breeze, trees, and dangerous environments. Make it possible to open eyes. This place, by fighting us, can serve us. There is only one way I can truly nourish others in this life. It is by staying positive, while standing firm in “WHO” I believe in and spreading the truth. I love Jesus Christ and he is the only one that can provide, care for, and nourish us, like no other. I can only live for him and spread the truth. Everything else will fall into place From willpower to happiness and love, it will be found only in him.


Lunch by the River

What does the wilderness mean to you?
It means freedom. It means challenge and expresses one’s true attitude and nature. Experiencing the true outdoors is just amazing. The wildlife and trees to insects and rocks, it all is truly breathtaking. The stars out here are so beautiful. I saw 7 shooting stars, I love it all. But I can’t wait to get to heaven and experience true love and true happiness.

Why is it important?
To me it is important because the wild is how it should have stayed. Living out here is survival. The wilderness is important because it provides beauty, life, true danger, and love growth. Peace is found only in the Lord. Out here you can get closer to him.

Potter Point
Hard and rough,
Painful and yet majestic,
This point of beauty,
So vast and so calm,
We made it here in one stroke of hardship,
But gained a million in love, passion, beauty, trust, teamwork, and most of all friendship.
I love you all -Venture


Headed up to Potter Point!

What do you want to be an ambassador for?
-I am and always will be an ambassador for my savior Jesus Christ, for Christianity, and for his word. Who is your audience?
Everyone who wants to know or hear the truth. Even those who don’t. I will tell all I can. To be a missionary for Christ, to spread his word, all I need is money and God. Jesus Christ is my rock.

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