Katie portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 14-19, 2014
  • Katie
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Lyell Canyon

This experience so far has nourished me physically. I have taken in what has been surrounded all around me. I enjoy the nature, even though the hike was a bit longer than expected. I feel accomplished.
I can nourish others by staying positive and not letting other people around me bother me.

When I think of wilderness I think of peace and quiet I think of cool breezes and water rushing down streams and birds chirping.


Nature Face Paint with Destinee.

Day 3:
Mountain so high
Sky so blue
Trees so shaded
Rushing wind
Soaking the sun
Friends and laughter
Greats moments of joy


Cooling down, mud style.

I want to be an ambassador for my environment, help out what needs to be cleaned up. Pick up gargbage, tell them how a clean environment.
My audience? Anyone who wants a cleaner environment. Resources that I would use would be my friends and family or I can tell my school teachers or counselors to help me out with my plan or idea.

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