Daisy portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 14-19, 2014
  • Daisy
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Lyell Canyon

How does this experience nourish you?
Mentally and physically I think this experience made me stronger because I had to push myself. Emotionally it also made me stronger because instead of complaining and being negative I stayed positive.

How can it nourish you?
I think later on the trip will just build me as a person mentally because I never do things like this and so I’m out of my comfort zone. I find that to be a good thing so far though.

How can you nourish others?
I can motivate others and help them push themselves to the limit whether it’s emotionally, physically, or mentally.


Meeting Shelton Johnson, Park Ranger.

What does the wilderness mean to you?
Wilderness means peace to me. The woods is very peaceful and beautiful. There’s no judgment here, no stress, and no drama. You’re free in the wilderness, youre able to just breathe, think, and take everything in. The wilderness means serenity to me.


Nothing beats a little river time.

Why is it important?
The wilderness is important because it’s someone’s home. Animals live, sleep and eat here, and I’m glad there’s places like Yosemite that preserves wildlife. Even though people may not think so the wilderness is important because it supplies things to the cities and suburban area.

I am on top of a mountain in Yosemite National Park named Potter Point.
I see trees, the sky, the river, just straight beauty.
I hear the wind blowing through the trees and whistling through my ears
I smell the fresh air
I taste victory and beef jerky.


Daisy and Destinee enjoying the sunshine.

Ambassador for?
I want to do kind of coastal clean up thing but for a bigger area like Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, or San Francisco.

Anybody who’s interested in doing it, most likely people from my school.

Well first I’d have to find people to do it and ask some of my teachers if they would like to chaperone. Then I’d go on the internet to find an area like the ones I named and see which one needs the most cleaning. Then I would make fliers to see how many people sign up.

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