Alejandra portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 30 - Apr 4, 2014
  • Alejandra
  • Turlock High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Merced Grove Cabin


I found out today that snow ACTUALLY looks like “snowflakes”! They were so pretty and small! The day pretty much started in “pretty-ness” all around me, you don’t get that in Turlock, the land of cows and methane. I’m not used to this weather, though. It’s super cold, and the numb toes don’t help…but that didn’t stop me from making a snowman! That snowman was supposed to look like a regular snowman, but after Flapjack and I put in the stick arms crooked, we decided to make it into a snowboarding snowman, haha. We even built the snowboard. I’m not too fond of the dark outside though. I really wish I could go home in this aspect.

Alejandra Lunch


I had anticipated cold weather which is what I got, but I did not expect to be sweating as much as I have. It’s nice to know that I won’t be too cold during the rest of this trip. The hiking is beautiful, as expected, but it is MUCH more beautiful than I ever expected. The views are indescribable. I haven’t fully experienced snow since I was a little kid, about 6 to 7 years old. The snow on the trees and hearing the creek running through the snow. It was a feeling I’d never forget.

Group Cards


I really hope to have an experience like this with my family and friends. I really wish I could have my family here to share this experience with them. I am going to share what I have learned these past few days with my family, but just sharing it through words does not compare to the beauty of this land called wilderness. I need to have my family come up here so that they can experience this as well. As I get older I hope to travel to different places where I can experience new things. I will not, however, stop being an advocate for places such as this area for people to visit, even if it is in the more “tamed” areas such as the Yosemite Valley. I will stress to my family and friends that this place, this wilderness is worth saving and preserving even if it is through words that do not compare. I’ve learned so much here that it will be hard saying goodbye.

Shelter building was a lot of fun. It gave us a chance as a group to work together to try to survive. Our shelter was not the best, but it was the driest! We used our raincoats as the roof.

Alejandra Snowman
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