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  • Expedition: May 11-16, 2014
  • Nancy
  • New Leaf: A Sustainable Living Collaborative and Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: North Dome

May 12, 2014

Dear Maggie, I know you didn’t want to come on the trip anymore because you felt like you were a second option, but you did wrong. It’s only the second day here and I already am in love. The view is amazing, imagine the things I will see and do when we get to the top! You missed out on this beautiful experience! Love,

Nancy Half Dome

If Yosemite could speak, what has it said to you?

I feel like Yosemite is saying “welcome” to me. As in, yes, I’m here. I feel it in the breeze and I still can’t believe I’m here or that I’ve made it this far. It’s an amazing view and Yosemite knows it. That’s why it welcomes everyone.

Nancy Sits


  • What are the differences between jobs in the wilderness, which one could fit me the most if I chose to work here?
  • What effect do these ants have in the natural world?
  • What can I do everyday at home that I am doing here?
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