Kirstyn portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 13-18, 2014
  • Kirstyn
  • Kingsburg High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Little Yosemite Valley


We went on a day hike. We saw many different types of animals and plants on our day hike. It was fun to hang out with the other girls and to laugh and have fun. “Always do things with a smile on your face.”


The hike up the mountain was challenging. I felt weak at first but I grew stronger and stronger every step of the way. “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.”

Kirstyn Arms


Wilderness means to me is that to be free. The wilderness made me stronger mentally and physically. This place feels like a second home. It feels like a place where I can get away from civilization and explore the nature around me. The spirit is strong and powerful and it can talk to certain people who accept it.


We went on a little day hike and after that we met Martijn. After meeting him we removed 15 fire rings from Little Yosemite Valley. It was hard work but a lot of fun. “It’s all about your perspective on wilderness.”

Kirstyn Cari


We woke up early in order to go on another day hike. We ended up getting to Quarter Dome. The view was AMAZING! It definitely takes a lot of hard work but it’s worth it. “High is hard but hard is worth it.”


Today was the day we walked back to Curry Village. I feel so much stronger than I did on Tuesday. The wilderness has definitely made me stronger mentally and physically. This trip has made a difference to me in my point of view. “Take it one step at a time.” “Habituated squirrel; don’t feed it!”

Kirstyn Thumbs Up
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