Yesi portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 15-20, 2014
  • Yesi
  • Coleville and Lee Vining High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Glen Aulin to May Lake

If you were a tree, how would you life be different in your backyard than in the wilderness? (Tree’s point of view)

I see plenty more animals and less people in the wilderness than in someone’s backyard. In the wilderness, I’m allowed to grow as many branches as I want without someone cutting them off because they’re in the way. Freedom is not something I have in a backyard.

Yesi Sits Water

What freedoms does the wilderness offer you that you might not have at home?

Here I’m at peace. I don’t hear any cars or people calling my name. I learn new things.

Yesi Circle
Yesi Janina
Yesi Water Bottle
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