Abigale portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 15-20, 2014
  • Abigale
  • Coleville and Lee Vining High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Glen Aulin to May Lake

Day 1

Today was wonderful. I had so much fun with Lance, Courtney, Yesi, Santoyo, Deeps, Emily, and James. This was my first time backpacking ever. I loved it (except the soreness). I loved making funny accents with Deeps, Emily, and Lance. My favorite sights had to be the waterfalls. (I’m sitting by one right now as I write this.) Today’s question was “What would the differences be between being a tree in your backyard and being a tree in the wilderness?” I would think the differences between being a tree in my backyard would be that in my backyard I wouldn’t have so much “freedom.” I don’t like being confined and would hate to be a tree in my backyard. In the wilderness I would be able to be “free.” The way I mean free is by being able to see animals or be a home for them and seeing lots of things happen. I would want to see the wildlife and be a part of it. That’s all I have to say so bye, see you soon.

Abby Journals

Day 2

Today was a fun day in Yosemite. We are hiking to May Lake. The hike was very quiet on the way up. I loved being able to just think and look at the nature. Today’s questions are “What freedoms does the wilderness offer you that you might not have at home?” the second question of the day is “In what ways does it allow you to ‘branch out’ of your norms/comfort zones, etc.?” The answer to the first question is I think the wilderness offers me solitude when needed. Even as I hiked my spirit walk just now or even if I am in my group and everyone is silent, I feel that solitude. It’s not bad. I think it is actually really good. At home I live with my mom, dad, brother, and sister. I never had my own room so solitude is really good. My answer to the second question is the way it helps me “branch out” is that it helps me find who I really am on the inside so I can show my friends who I really am. I might write more later. If not, oh well, bye.

Abby Top of Hoffman

Day 3

Today so far I have climbed up Mount Hoffman. Not all of our group went, but a few did. Lance, James, Deeps, the rangers, Michael, and myself went and climbed. This was my first mountain I have ever climbed and I loved it. We saw lots of marmots along the way. We also saw a pika and even a few ground squirrels. Today’s question was “What does the wilderness mean to you?” The wilderness to me is a beautiful second home. It is full of family (rangers, animals, etc.) and life. I would never want to change this wonderful experience. I have loved every minute. It’s time to go back down, Mt. Hoffman, so toodles.

Abby Sits
Abby Skips Rock
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