• Ambassador: Apr 1 - May 31, 2013
  • Yosemite Leadership Program Photography Project
  • Reedley and Yosemite

Alex, a student from the Yosemite Leadership Program at the University of California, Merced, chose to do a photography seminar with the Generation Green Central California Consortium WildLink students as his senior year capstone project.

The students spent time learning photography techniques with Alex, such as the "rule of thirds" and camera stabilization, before they went on their Yosemite WildLink expedition. Once in Yosemite, it was clear that they had taken what Alex taught them seriously, as they spent lots of time shooting subjects from many different angles and comparing their snapshots with each other. Once they returned, they would learn how to do post-production editing to make their photos "pop."

The students are hoping that a local building, such as a university lecture hall, library, or gallery will be interested in displaying their photos and some words from their journals so that others can be inspired by wilderness just as they were. WildLink is still working on finding a venue to accommodate this goal, so if YOU, dear reader, know of a person or place that might help us out, get in touch: kwallace@naturebridge.org.

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