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  • Expedition: Sep 15-20, 2013
  • Jonathan
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Mono Meadow to Happy Isles

W vs. w

To me the Wilderness is the overcoming feeling awe that you get when your out in nature because everything is so free and just the beauty of it gives you a feeling of just wow! Also there is so much peace and quiet that it just relaxes you. But towards the government view of it it’s just empty land that they can guild on and make either factories or homes!

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How have I grown during this trip?

Well pretty much through out this trip what I have seen is that we all have grown together like a big family and learned how to help each other, we have all grown in some way that has maid us just a tiny bit more mature than when we first showed up here. (Because for instance) We each have learned new things, got to see beautifull sites, learned how to care for our environment and not leaving any traces of food for animals. And the way I see this effecting my life is that it just gave me a different perspective on life and what our Earth brings us.

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