Faviel portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 15-20, 2013
  • Faviel
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Mono Meadow to Happy Isles

Wilderness is basically the forest, its out being in the woods and really having a simple life. Wilderness to me is just enjoying nature. Enjoying what God put on this earth for us and admiring what we don’t see everyday.

Faviel Shovel

In a short explanation I cannot fathem the amount of stuff I have experienced. From the good to the bad, from better to worse everything I have seen has opened my eyes. It showed me new views on the people and the world I am on that I have never seen before. So I guess in a way the wilderness has made me grow more adventurous. Through people and the world around me.

Faviel Casandra Pose
Carlos Faviel Pinecone
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