Casandra portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 15-20, 2013
  • Casandra
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Mono Meadow to Happy Isles

Wilderness to me is basically a wild place with animals when I hear the name but once you go out and experience what it really is about it is a flawless place because even its flaws are what makes it beautiful in so many ways.

What it means to me is an amazing place with outstanding sounds. Once you close your eyes and let yourself go you feel at peace the sounds are truly amazing and that is why we should keep it the way it is and it’s important to keep it that way so people can also have that amazing experience and feelings you have.

What I am learning throughout this trip is how to read a map, leave no trace, explore, and so much more things that have to do with nature.

Casandra Looking Out

We did icebreakers and went into small cave which was pretty awesome and fun to do.

What we’re doing is “how to build a fire” by being a team and each bringing things to make us stronger and more united.

Wilderness has helped me grow as a person because it showed me how important everything can be and how we can keep our world alive just by doing something small can mean so much…when I grow older I would really like to do something with people like helping them out and so much more things I would even want to be a P.E. teacher since I like to do sports a lot and bring the kids here and get a permit I think theres so much to it and this is an experience that will help me get encouraged or give me ideas on what I would like to be as I get older. I love adventures and I am very excited for more of those adventures to come.

Casandra Restoration

What I have learned so far is what this trip is all about and nature as well.

All the food that they gave I seriously did not think I would ever eat it and I did and it was pretty good to try new things.

The hiking was awesome although we didn’t go to Clouds Rest I really enjoyed the amazing views and the people I came with were as well awesome so much memories made and great laughter that we shared.

Jacquelin Maribel Casandra Nevada
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