Braulio portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 15-20, 2013
  • Braulio
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Mono Meadow to Happy Isles

Wilderness to me would have to be when your free, not only physically, but mentally and spirtually in mother natures realm. When you can experience mother natures glory and beauty without it being controlled by us humans.

Braulio Feather

By coming and envolving myself in this trip, nature and/or the wilderness has helped me grow both mentally and personally as the man I want to be. It has taught me that solitude and isolating peace can help you realize that all those problems in your own little world isn't the only thing there to life, that one as a human and as a person must learn how to step by from the chaos and look at what is around us and the world that we live in.

Braulio Throws Rock
Braulio Journal
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