Melissa portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 24-29, 2013
  • Melissa
  • Generation Green Southern California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

What is your culture or your family’s impression of wilderness?
When I tell my friends about going into wilderness they don’t respond the way I do. I get excited and happy to go explore while they just question everything. Isn’t there bugs? Why go there? What do you do? Most of them have never been into wilderness so they don’t know what it is like or what you can see out here.

Melissa PB River

Nature is nothing like the city. It’s peaceful yet noisy. But the noise is soothing. The rumble of the wind. The splashes of water. It feels like home. I feel invited and well cared for. It gives us so much and continues to do so.

Melissa Luis Peak Ascent

It is amazing seeing how everything works in nature. It is peaceful. It is Team work. Everything is Connected. Every animal has a job to do. Nobody is left out. “Imperfection is beautiful.”

Melissa Journal

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