Marilu portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 24-29, 2013
  • Marilu
  • Generation Green Southern California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

What is your culture or your family’s impression of wilderness?
Mine and my familys impression of wilderness is positive. Everything was wilderness before industrialization.

This trip is awesome.

Marilu Journal

These pass days at Yosemite have been amazing. It is impossible for me to say I have not learned something, because boy I have. I have learned the LNT rules which was fun because we acted out. The interesting and a very helpful thing I learned were knots. Later on I may need to use it.

Alex Marilu Stream Crossing

Today my group and I met with a Ranger and as a group we decided to take care of “LNT” and taking out the fires or cleaning them up. Our group took an hour to clean up 6 fire pits. What was great was that we worked as a team I believe that was what made us finish faster. In addition we played some really great team building games. Within those games I learned the 3 pillars of a team: 1) communication, 2) strategie, 3) turst. Through those games we were able to actualy implement these pillars.

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