Luis portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 24-29, 2013
  • Luis
  • Generation Green Southern California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

What is your culture or your family’s culture of wilderness?
My culture of wilderness is getting out of the house, out of the city, going to the forest with either my family or friends and enjoy myself in wilderness.

When my family goes out to hike or just to enjoy the outdoors, we tent to have a good time and enjoy ourselves, that’s our culture.

Luis Hetchy

March 27, 2013 – Wensday

We arrived at Yosemite on Sunday afternoon (3 days ago) and so far it has been an amazing and beautiful expierence. Right now we are at Hetch Hetchy camping at a campground. The journey over here was not an easy one. We hiked for six miles into Hetch Hetchy with heavy backpacks but the arrival was worth it. The Wilderness that we have entered has a beautiful valley with snow peaked mountians, running rivers, and wilderness filled with life. I’m not sharing this expierence alone. This trip has welcomed me into a group that I love and enjoying being around. I’m glad I was able to make this trip into Yosemite or else I would of missed this once in a life time opportunity.

Luis Journal

March 28, 2013 Thursday

About four days now since we arrived here at Yosemite and I feel like I’m at the top of the world, literily. Today we went out thinking we were going on an ordinary hike but here we are on the side of the mountain. The view from up here is amazing. The snow peaked mountains are across from us, the river down below and the wilderness all around us is filled with life. It just started to rain as I’m writing this. I love the rain! We didn’t finish climbing the mountain but we did name it after our team name, Rebirth mountain, or peak.

Luis on Hill

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