Kayla portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 24-29, 2013
  • Kayla
  • Generation Green Southern California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

What is your culture or your families impression of wilderness?
Well, to be honest I haven’t really paid enough attention to know what they are like when it comes to the wilderness. I guess I would say it would go both ways. A lot of people like the wilderness and some would never come close to the wilderness. My close friends I’d say love nature my family for the most part does too. As for L.A. I know too many people who hate it out here, in the wilderness.

Melissa Kayla Karen Backpacks

It’s a wed. The first full day that we are here. I’m sitting by the waterfall along with everyone but spaced out. I’m sitting right between 3 trees right by the water. I can see every inch of the waterfall perfectly and the light seems like it’s only hitting me and the water.

I can’t get over the fact of how beautiful it is.

Today we relaxed, we worked, we played. It was great. I keep saying I’m going to have Yosemite Legs because I can feel them shaping nicely. ;) Haha. No, but really it’s beautiful. It is hard with some things like the bathroom but its okay.

Kayla Squares


It’s beautiful, as always, yes it’s cold but its beauty warmthens me. This beauty is like no other, we call this peak Rebirth. It’s what we call ourselves. It’s an inside joke but at the game time it’s what’s happening to us on this new journey we have encountered. We come out new people knowing new things, being able to share that with everyone and anyone. I needed this. A home to call mine when I am not home, because my home can always change but this will never change and nothing can take it away besides God himself.

I’m sitting on a rock, looking at this beautiful dam filled with waterfalls and rivers. I’m with Karen. We are both writing…shes drawing beautiful purple flowers. It’s just showing the beauty of nature.

Kayla Hugs A Tree

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