• Ambassador: Oct 10 - Dec 12, 2013
  • Clean Up Stockton
  • Stockton

Students from Venture Academy used an iPhone app and good old fashioned manual labor to make the city of Stockton better.

WildLink alumni and assorted other students from Venture Academy got together with lead teacher Christina Fugazi to help out the Clean Up Stockton campaign. The campaign is a two-fold effort: tracking vandalism and trash in Stockton via an iPhone app, then going out and fixing those problem areas. Through their efforts, they cleaned up and painted over many accounts of vandalism to homes, businesses, and public spaces, and picked up many bags of trash. If the group found an incident that they were unable to clean due to lack of time or proper tools, they took a photo of it and recorded its location with their Clean Up Stockton phone app for future maintenance.

Clean Stockton

The Clean Up Stockton campaign is the brainchild of Paul Amador, president for the Stockton-based California Application Research Group (CALARG). From October 10 to December 12, the Clean Up Stockton campaign has coordinated 228 volunteers from across the city for a combined total of 856 volunteer hours. The campaign is ongoing, so if you want more information about it or how to get involved, check them out on Facebook. You can download their iPhone app at www.calarg.org.

Jonathan Cleans Meter

Jonathan "pays" the meter. Pays back his community, that is.

Linda Cleans Pole

Linda working some magic.

Braulio Cleans Box

Braulio means business.

Christina Chips Pole

Christina showing off her characteristic good humor.

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