• Expedition: Apr 12-17, 2013
  • Zech
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

I’ve learned how to backpack and to hike properly. I learned about the history of Yosemite and that Lincoln took time away from the civil war to sign a bill protecting the wilderness later known as Yosemite. Hetch Hetchy flows into San Francisco. Without it San Francisco would fall apart. Same for Los Angeles. I also learned that we need to take care of this earth and preserve because it’s not like we can make a new one. This can apply to my everyday life by me picking up trash when I see it. Also I can start recycling more. And remind others to do the same.

Andres Zech scream and run

Stewardship is when you take care of something. I think you can be a steward to wilderness by cleaning up things that don’t belong there. For example, today we cleaned up fire pits and got rid of fire pits that didn’t belong in the park. Also we went on a hike cleaning up anything that was in the trail like a fallen down tree. If we saw a trail that wasn’t supposed to be there then we would put branches and leaves all over it to block the trail and discourage hikers from going off trail and destroying it. It’s important to be a good steward to wilderness because there’s only 5% of it left in America so if we don’t take care of it then it’ll be destroyed. I can bring this experience home with me by picking up trash in the park and cleaning up the creek by my house. I can tell my family what I’ve learned and help them take care of nature.

Alejandro Zech wink
Zech cuts tree
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