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  • Expedition: Apr 12-17, 2013
  • Marco
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

My trip so far has simply been awesome. Our first 6 miles were really tiring but it’s all so worth it. Pain does not compare to the beauty of this place. Leaving crane flat was exciting but I have to admit I miss the chefs food. Out here you do mix and eat things that I never ate before but when your hungry youll eat anything. This trip has really so far taught me how and why to appreciate things that I have back home. This trip teaches you how to conserve important things. When I head back home im going to start leaving zero food waste because it actually feels really good when you leave your plate spotless clean. I don’t regret taking this trip at all.

Andres Marco Eddie smores

The breeze feels so good as I’m writing this. I can see the waterfall from were im sitting it just racing down so fast and as I see the water more so fast I stop to think how fast time passes by. It seriously feels like yeasturday Ale, jr, Zack, Fabian, Andres and I were all so excited for coming to the trip, and it just tomorrow when we have to leave. Im glad I spend the whole week with them. There great people. Iv learned so much. For example I sit next to lorena in math and I never spoke to her now I even know she used to horseback ride. So Im way of topic of stewardsjhip but its more of a stewardship is also getting to know people. Find out if they need help. b/c one day youll need help even nature needs our help so it can stay looking Wilderness. Its good to be steward like and help around b/c like I said you never know when youll need of others. I cant think of a job that doesn’t require a team a job that just one person lands. It’s good to be steward and not expect a payment. b/c the feeling you get of knowing you did somn good should be enough or the feeling you get when you see the final project and its always better with a good team b/c you get things done faster and you do it with ppl you care and you know they get the same feeling at the end. Like today when we cleaned the trail. I know nobody expected to get payed but im pretty sure everyone felt good when we all passed through the clear trail that was once not possible to go through.

Alejandro Fabian Marco dam
Marco looks at ground
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