Jenyce portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 12-17, 2013
  • Jenyce
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

Wilderness is not only somewhere you want to visit but it is also somebody’s Home! Even though it may not be yours you should still take care of it because it is home for many deer and other types of animals and insects. You want to show them the same respect of cleanliness that you have in your home. I connect with wilderness in many different ways. The first would be respect as I mentioned above. Secondly I am for the most part adventurous. The wilderness provides many adventures because you are able to explore many parts and go to many different places.

Jenyce backpack

I also really appreciate what Chip Rawlins said in the above (“Wilderness is not undiscovered territory; it is a change of heart.”) about how new wilderness is a change of heart, because you are able to look at things differently and it makes you appreciate what you have. It also a great place to clear your head.

Amy Jenyce Sierra smiles

Stewardship is important because you are able to preserve nature and the different types of animals that are out there in the wilderness. Without those plants and animals many places would be torn down and made into cities. So it is important to take care of the beauty on this earth that God supplied us with.

Jenyce Amy Hetchy

Bringing stewardship home is very important, because I would love to teach others what I learned I could do. When I get home I am going to find out about the different animal shelters and animal clinics/hospitals I could volunteer or possibly work at. I will turn off the lights when I’m not using them and also turn off the water when its not in use. I will also try to have zero food waste.

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