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  • Expedition: Apr 12-17, 2013
  • Andres
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

Wow Yosemite! What a beautiful and untamed land this is. I am so happy I took advantage of such a wonderful opurtunity. Being out here and seeing all of natures delecasies has had an impact on my life. For Example, I realized how valuable and somewhat scares water is. And me being a City boy, I don’t really value water as much as I should. Also, I learned the importance of not walking on top of growing grass and Plants, as it could lead to damaging, what could one day become the Yosemite Valley, And right now as I am writing this I am on the top of lekant peak and let me tell you that this is one view I will never forget. So being out here in the back country has really showed me that nature is a delecasie and us people shouldn’t take advantage of it, but instead help to preserve it.

Andres waaa

Before coming on this trip I never really cared for the wilderness. I guess I just never really valued the wilderness as much as I value all my electronics. But now being here and living in the wilderness I have learned to take care of it just as if it were my home. Stewardship of wilderness is really important because it helps to keep the trees growing and the rivers flowing.

The way I can bring this experience back home is with pictures and with the knowledge I learned.

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Andres Alejandro photo
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