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  • Expedition: Apr 12-17, 2013
  • Amy
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

This experience has made me realize how the wilderness relates to me. I think it relates to me because it is a reminder that I am so small. Whatever I am worried about, stressed about back home absolutely seems so small when I’m out here looking out at the mountains and the powerful waterfalls. It gives me a new perspective. Knowing that just 30 minutes ago I climbed to the peak of LaConte Point, I was challenged, gives me some hope that I can push through my struggles at home. I’m so thankful to God that there are these mountains here. It will always be a sure and secure thing. That no matter what happens in the city, there’s always the memory that I climbed the mountains, that I challenged myself and that this place will always be a second home or escape from my fast paced environment. Wilderness also relates to me because of the challenge. It reminds me of the challenges I face at home. Something that keeps running through my mind as I sit here is that things will ALWAYS get better. No matter how much I’ve wanted to give up. I have never regretted pushing forward. The end result is something remarkable and beautiful. And in the end, you get just a bit stronger. You change as a person in a positive way. Never wish away your problems. If you never had them, you would never have the chance to grow into the person you are. Thank God for these challenges to remind us that we can face anything. My teacher always tells me, If I am struggling and want to give up, “Stay strong. Things will get better.” This has been on my mind back home and during the hikes.

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Stewardship of the wilderness is important because it is important to take care of areas that haven’t been ruined or trampled on by building and everything else that comes with a city. For Yosemite, stewardship is important because a lot of the water up here supplies water for big cities.

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I can be a steward at home by not wasting water. I can also pick up trash if I see it and recycle bottles and cans. I can make sure I have zero food waste.

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