• Ambassador: May 18, 2013
  • Duck Creek Clean-Up
  • Stockton: Duck Creek

Eight students from Venture Academy spent a spring Saturday morning cleaning up Duck Creek in Stockton, CA.

When asked how they wanted to give back to Stockton after returning from their Yosemite WildLink expedition, one student said, "We haven't cleaned up Duck Creek in a while." The students spent the better part of a morning picking up trash and painting over graffiti, with support from the City of Stockton.

The group managed to fill up the back of two SUVs with trash, including one discarded mattress. They also rescued one shopping cart from the creek after using the strength of four people to precariously lean out and drag it from the creek's center.

Over snacks and water, the group discussed "Broken Windows Theory": the idea that managing minor acts of vandalism in communities can actually prevent a mindset of chaos, thereby preventing more serious violent crime.


Students removed this discarded mattress from the Duck Creek walking path.

Picking Up Trash

Bending from the waist to pick up the waste.

Painting Graffiti

The group worried their paint would quickly be vandalized again, but they hoped the day's activities would inspire at least one person to care about their community in a new way.

Shopping Cart Removal

Teamwork makes the dream work!

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