Monica portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 29 - Oct 4, 2013
  • Monica
  • New Village Girls Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Yosemite Valley & Wawona


What does the wilderness mean to you?

The wilderness to me means a place where you can be free! Free from stress, tension, sadness, and anger. Nature is a place where you can relax your heart and mind. Sort of like stepping out of a box full of unnecessary things. This place lets me reflect and analyze a lot of my daily life. In a way I feel like I’m giving myself a therapy session. The wilderness is also a place where you can breathe the fresh air, experience a NEW type of aroma. Coming to Yosemite for the second time has been an awesome opportunity because it’s letting me take a deep breath from the outside world. This trip has taught me so much about taking care of my own environment at home. I don’t just mean cleaning or not littering, but the environment inside my own home with my family and my daughter. The wilderness for me is a place that deserves respect and a lot of love, because this is where we all came from. This is how the whole world once was, without cars, homes (houses), no type of social media. Therefore it’s a home we should take care of and treat with a lot of love.

Monica El Cap


I think that wilderness has influenced my idea of womenhood in a way that I see us women stronger. Mother Nature is something beautiful and when I think about it, Mothers are women.

Monica Kimberli Stephanie Rock Tunnel


3 Strengths:

  • Helping others
  • Conversation
  • Making people laugh

I feel like Mrs. Fernandez helped me in a way that I learned from her how to help others. I also feel like talking to Elspie and Ruth helped me converse more. I felt very open and comfortable talking to them and I feel that as a group, they “helped” me to get along with girls I’ve never even met. I have enjoyed myself and had some good laughs with the girls.

Monica Kimberli Lunch
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