Heather portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 29 - Oct 4, 2013
  • Heather
  • New Village Girls Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Yosemite Valley & Wawona

Oct 1

Today was great. :)

We got to bond over breakfast. After that we went on a really, really fun hike. We also met Ranger Dan (who happens to be awesome). We all went on a great hike and along the way, we found ways to better communicate. I definitely feel that we have become closer by talking with each other. We don’t get to do that at school as much.

Elspie Heather Monica Lunch

I think that a woman is the glue that holds the earth together. :]

I learned that I am a fierce and powerful, and wild woman. From today, I learned that we can support one another both physically as well.

Kimberli Heather Rocking Chairs

This week I realized my 3 special strengths are care, mediation, and humor.

My strengths can help me accomplish my dreams because when I care about something or someone, I put my whole heart in to it. And with being a mediator or peace maker, I feel that I can sometimes make a stressful situation better. As well as with humor. With humor, I can make others feel better and lighten the mood. These strengths can help me accomplish my dreams if I put them in to practice more often.

Heather S'more
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