Molly portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 21-26, 2013
  • Molly
  • New Village Girls Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

April 22, 2013
Dear Mom,
I miss you so much. Lowkey I never thought that I would miss the house this much! CREEPY! Todays the night before we leave for backpacking. They told us how to pack our bags. I feel like my bag is one of the heaviest ones. But ima try and not to think about how hevy it is. So far im having and okay time. I wonder what your doing? Probibly your puzzle books! :) Its very pretty here so far I’ve seen 9 deers, and like 100 squrels, they don’t run when they see us. Ive also seen I think 4 waterfalls. The girls here are a lot nicer than what I expected. I love you and thanks for the amazing letter I take it with me everywhere. I cant wait to come home.

Molly River

April 23, 2013
Dear Mum,
OMG! Today we did some cra-cra stuff! We hiked 6 miles! It was HARD! Like on some real “French toast” I thought I was gana DROP DEAD! I mean if you were here and saw how much we hiked and saw how pooped-up-I was you would have told me to stop and come home! Im so mad mom. Your letter was in my pants yesterday night while I was showering and someone got them wet. So my letter was gone. It made me cry because it was all I had with me to remind me of you and now I have nothing. I miss you a lot. Me and 2 other girls put together our tent! It was a lot of fun. While were were hiking Russell and etc. keep putting me in the front and it was hard because they kept walking way too FAST and my lungs were hurting BAD! I want to come home but at the same time I wana stay. I miss my bed! My feet hurt and everything els. I love you mommy. Can’t wait to see you.

I think that Ima get in troble 2marrow because I misplaced the sunscreen we all use, and its all my fault. Today we ate ghetto mac-n-cheese. It was allright. Not as good as when you make it. I love you.

Molly Eyes

April 24, 13

Dear Katie and Katie’s Peeps!, (say it ghetto) Well 2day gurrl I almost Died! But it all GOOD! Gurrl I was attacked by a 100 mosquitos. But once we sat down 4 lunch it was soooo pretty! Even tho we cant shower and the hikes are painful the view is breathtaking. I never thought I would be able to see this, but im extreamly HAPPY and proud I came to Yosemite. Mother nature has in her own way explained to me why those ugly little mosquitos bite me. They bit me b/c 1. I’m the Awesome Molly! And 2. Because my blood is so they can give it to their babies (Awww). And now that I know that they don’t bother me as much.

Yosemite is Da Bommmmmm and so is WildLink.

April 25
Dear Katie and My Mom,
Well todays “chill day.” And so far it is. I smell horrible but just one night left. Were leaving our camp at 6:00 I feel like that’s gana be beter because it wont be hot. Ima try and push myself to keep going so I can sit in the car faster. And the more walking we do the closer we get to a shower. (LOL) Mom when I see you get ready for a whole lota stank!

Molly Tongue
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