Jisel portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 21-26, 2013
  • Jisel
  • New Village Girls Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

Dear You,
This experience has been quite amazing and beautiful, but throughout my whole experience I would of laved for you to had been here and experience it with me; its quite amazing and peacefull – the vibes, the surroundings, the sounds of nature are like music to my ears. Everything seems so peacefull and caring. The sounds of the birds chirping the view of the mountains, looking in every direction and seeing the most outstanding, breathtaking view ever, I really wish you would have been here with me.

Jisel Kate River

Wilderness in my perspective means home, we are all suppose to be living in the wild but the whole homes came around, toilets, jobs, beds, and stoves. Living in the wilderness isn’t so bad. Besides the whole no toilets, no beds, no showers. Its kind of good going through the struggle, having no showers, waterfalls being our source of water. Dirt being our restrooms. Wilderness showed me appreciate what you have before its too late to realize what you had. And even if you think you have nothing, realize you have it all.

Leslie Kate Jisel Strike Poses

In my perspective everything has been pretty darn amazing. This wonderful view I don’t get to see everyday and Im lucky I even got to see this view, I thank god though Im pretty darn blessed he let me experience this trip; I got to admit it was quite a hassle hiking 6 miles to get to camp is not what I expected but it was totally worth it; camping, building our tent, living in the wilderness is quite peaceful and it gives us peace to forget about any problems left back at home. I really do love it here, Im tots going to come back without a doubt, anyone should really just come and enjoy this. You’ll be shocked and breathless.

Jisel Kate Twerking
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