Beatriz portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 21-26, 2013
  • Beatriz
  • New Village Girls Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

Hey Bebo,
OMG it’s so amazing over here it’s paradise. We need to come here one day and forget about everything and everyone. I do miss you a lot but it’s so great. It would have been better if you were here to witness it for yourself but you’ll come one day. The air is so fresh and everything is peaceful. Even the animals are nice and friendly. The river is awesome and so is the waterfalls. Can’t wait to see you and can’t wait to come with you one day soon. MUAH!

Beatriz Dishes

Today I made it to Le Conte Point. It was a very tiring hike but it was so worth it. Everything looks so nice and you can see everything up here. I wouldn’t come here alone but I would want to do it again one day. Everything look so small from up here and it’s so fresh. :) My legs are so sore. I can’t wait to sleep but after that long hike we ate gummy worms so YAAY! This place is AWESOME! So worth it. :)

Jisel Beatriz Ella Lake

The wilderness is so beautiful and relaxing. I love everything about here. I grew up in a place some what like this with my father but since I live with my mother most of the time I was in LA but its so awesome and relaxing to be back in the wilderness exploring and learning new things. I wish I could take this back home or just live here. I can’t wait to get over high school and college to move back into the wilderness where I feel more at home. I will never forget it here and never forget the people I met and got to know here.

Beatriz & Maria Water Bottle
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