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  • Expedition: Jun 23-28, 2013
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  • Sequoia National Park: Emerald Lake


I’m not sure what of wilderness that makes me feel calm. Like I’ll be safe and sound no matter what happens. Inhaling the fresh mountain air, listening while the birds sing, every minute of the day; I’m blessed to be exposed to these trees that bring shade upon me, these boulders that act as friends, being there every step of the way. These bounders building up to be mountains, that seem to shelter me from harm. But what is it that make sme feel the way I do? Is it the silence and peace? The precious yet massive mountains that creates beautiful scenery. Or is it the streams, lakes, and rivers that calm your soul as it flows by? The wilderness, not knowing what’s going to happen next. At the end of the day, wilderness is everything you can wish for, whether it be peace, quietness, being alone, and just listening to what revolves around you, forgetting of all your troubles. I would draw a picture here. But you have to see and feel it for yourself; it’s beautiful. Don’t miss out. :)

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About This Place

Hundreds, thousands, of fresh tall trees, soaring to the sky. It’s what give me shade, it’s what gives so many insects and critters their home, it is what give me that breath of fresh air I inhale every second of the day, relaxing my soul.

How, better, than to feel that breeze drift past your face, your hair, bringing along with it a whisper telling you to set your soul free, forget all your troubles; and just simply listen. Listen as the glacier’s water melts into streams, rivers flowing right beside your eardrums, all along your stay. These rocks, boulders, lost generations of geographical elements – for you to lean on, lay on, and relax.

Listen as the bugs make their calls, as the birds sing their high-pitched melodies, and as the pikas and marmots screech and yelp, communicating through the echoes of mountains. Listen, and you will hear what I hear. You will hear the sound of nothing but calm, steady peacefulness.

Open your eyes and see what I see. A view of no other. Mountains, calling out to you from the heavens, reaching a hand out, saying, “Hello friend.”

These pieces of wilderness, our pieces of wilderness, serves us as we serve it; Let’s keep it that way. Let’s stay life-long friends, you taking care of it, as it takes care of you and your future generations. Remember that these mountains, these trees, critters, wildlife creating out here, are all part of you, as you are to it.

Nature is what these lands of wilderness are; they are your home. Love it. Embrace it. Care for it. Remember it. There’s something about this place that’s never to forget. :)

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