O'Laire portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 9-14, 2013
  • O'Laire
  • Coleville and Lee Vining High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Poly Dome Lakes

My hopes and goals for this trip is to...

  • Change for the better
  • Come home with tons of knowledge
  • To come out with a hunger for life and experiences
  • Lastly to be more appreciative of where I live and be able to notice things more when im out camping with family. I think if I stay positive I will be able to reach all of my goals, and be more prepared for the challenges to come and to be able to overcome them. The meadow is simply breathtaking.

O'Laire Rock

Wilderness means to me like peaceful because it’s the wild, and your out and away from all of the chaos that home and daily life brings. A big part about keeping the peace and making it wild is taking care and preserving it away from daily human life. The wilderness is big icon for life and the growing of something. The wilderness in general gives peace to the world as a whole and it makes us respect the gift of life.

O'Laire Contemplation

The theme of the day is be the story and I think that means be the story of Yosemite. To me it means be a piece of Yosemite from putting the fire pits together to acting like an erratic. When I came here Yosemite asked me are you ready and I think yes because the challenges it threw I overcame. Taking care of the park is a way to be a part of the park like you’re a tool for the park. Being a Glacial erratic makes you physically a piece of the park.

My story begins with arriving in Yosemite. I felt the beauty that I had seen before. As we drove through Tioga Pass I was so stoked to visit. And renew my memory. When we arrived at our destination I was so excited. The days went by but I went for a walk with my friends and I listened for a moment and heard the voice of Yosemite asking if I was ready to change. And I replied isn’t that why I’m here to change for the better and to get the hunger for my life back and to see the change Yosemite has gone through. We met our group leaders and learned so much useful things we could take with us home. What I really got out of this trip was I found out how to find the way back to myself like I found myself out here and I learned how to conquer my thoughts. That hunger that I lost came back. And I am now eager to do more in my life. Now for me there is no more room for negativity and doubt but more room for experience and learning and finding out more about myself. This week has been rough, eventful, hard, challenging, painful, but all in all it has been the most inspirational, spectacular event I have ever had in my 16 years of life. And I know now not to stop these journeys but to have more as my life goes on. And I now have the hunger to take on the gift of life and to enjoy it.

O'Laire Crack
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