Marlen portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 9-14, 2013
  • Marlen
  • Coleville and Lee Vining High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Poly Dome Lakes

My hopes and goals for this experience are to be able to see a bunch of different animals. I want to be able to think of Yosemite as a second home to me. I’m so close to here, why not make it a part of me? I want to be able to not complain or freak out about some of my surroundings, such as bears, bugs and other animals. I plan on not having any worries or stress. My gears were bears or getting lost, but I haven’t even start my journey and those fears are already gone. This place is RAD! (still hate mosquitoes, and love the food)

Marlen Looks

I am now another character in the book of Yosemite! :) I have been in Poly Dome Lakes, touched its water and hiked a mountain. Even though we aren’t suppose to leave a trace, we already have. We made campfires smaller, that is leaving an impact on Yosemite. We are contributing to the park, we are part of it because we can now understand its Purpose! We talk to the wilderness by taking care of it! Another chapter done!

Marlen Laugh Rock

Change in Yosemite

My Story was like a crazy rollercoaster. It included my emotions go up and down. I love this place but at the same time I’m ready to go home. I have learned so much that it has changed me. I saw the change throughout these last few days. I am a new person. I don’t mind walking so much or getting dirty anymore. We helped give back to Yosemite. All new change!

My story doesn’t end here, nor will it ever end, because Yosemite is part of me now. The dirt, the memories, everything I experienced is now in my body. I can’t forget it. I will tell everyone about what I went through. I’m leaving part of myself in Yosemite. It’s a never ending love. I will keep coming to make more memories, experience more of nature and keep my book/story going.

Marlen GPS
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