Lauren portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 9-14, 2013
  • Lauren
  • Coleville and Lee Vining High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Poly Dome Lakes

Day 2 – Sitting in edge of meadow and asked my hopes, dreams and fears of this trip.

My hopes is that we get to see a bear and all of the cool animals. My fears are seeing someone get hurt. My dreams are seeing all the beautiful sunsets.

Courtney Lauren

Day 3 – Sitting on top of a rock staring out at the lake. Waiting for dinner. Tonight the group question was what is wilderness.

Wilderness can mean many things but to me it means the wild like where nobody goes where it can touch you back. Wilderness is to me all the animals, trees, mountains and bodies of water.

Lauren Hang Out

Day 4 – Sitting in a grass slash rocky area super pretty. Ask how I am part of the wilderness of Yosemite like how I am part of the story.

The way that I am part of it is because I walk in it, I sleep in it and I do yoga in the lakes. To me I think I am one with the nature.

Yesi Lauren Backs

Day 5 – Today I decided to volunteer to help cook dinner which was macaroni and cheese then one mac and roni with veggies and cheese. Today was a very long and fun day because we did a 7 mile climb up to Tuolumne Peak. Todays prompt was writing a story of Yosemite.

Seeing Yosemite was the title of my story. It all begins with a backpack, doubt and a mountain. It was the fifth day of being in Yosemite. Today was the day we would climb the mountain Tuolumne. Excited but nervous we began. Doubt began to fill our minds but all of a sudden you look down and realize that you are on top of the mountain. Then in no time it seems like we begin to come down. My story seeing Yosemite is to me climbing mountains, walking around lakes and playing in the water. That is my story.

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