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  • Expedition: Jun 9-14, 2013
  • Lance
  • Coleville and Lee Vining High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Poly Dome Lakes

I hope to gain a sence of awareness that I did not possess before this trip.

I feel so small and patronized when seeing the calm before my eyes and the peace helps me invisionize the power of her sacred skyes, the skyes of the sun, rain, moon, and stars seem like natures true come to arms. To fight against the industrial world with deer, bear, mice, and squirrel. To numb the pain of city skyes to see the calm before my eyes.

I think that the meaning of wildlife is not only nature void of human interaction but also afraid of it. I feel that the only wildlife that is worth seeing is the one that would rather not see us.

Lance Bernie

My Story

Writer's Note – If you close your eyes for a moment and listen to the woods, you will feel true silence the way it is meant to be. Silence is not the lack of foreign noise alone, but also the presense of what was here in the beginning, what had shaped the world and space know now. This is what shaped my story of Yosemite.

It all started, when I was born. Okay, fast forward…aaannnddd STOP OK I am 15 siting in my house at 11:00 watching for my father to drive me to school to start my trip. Then I was in Crane Flats getting ready to go on my 4 day hiking expeditions. I understand I skiped 2 days but trust me that was calm before the storm and I only have so much paper. After I found myself in camp with my group sitting on the cold wind getting ready to pray for 3 hours for sleep only to find that curling into a ball and warming up your hands with your breath, waiting for the morning sun to crest over the horizon. Soon it does, and a sign of relief comes over us and our empty stomachs drug us to the fire pit for food, or as we call it granola. With a sigh of relief a new challenge arises, “downloading,” the code word for #2. Though it may not seem like mutch, it is amazing how mutch we take for granite, the bathroom, the privacy, T.P., and the cold toilet seat at 3am in the morning that will never both me again. Soon we all do our first “download” without a “computer room” and the day goes on, we go with a park ranger to clean fire pits, and restore/remove others. The work is fun and hard but surprisingly bonding with my team. We mesh then and in the same day climb, swim, do yoga, go to the spa, and a live concert. Ending our day. In the end It is not the trip that makes the dreams, but the dreams that make the trip.

Lance Saw
Lance Wave
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