Jameel portrait
  • Expedition: Aug 5-10, 2012
  • Jameel
  • HOPE - Helping Other People Excel
  • Yosemite National Park: Sunrise Lakes and Clouds Rest

Right now I’m in the meadows it looks awesome. When I was coming up to this Park I saw some of the Best things ever.

When I first got to go Backpacking it was hard. I was complaining a lot, but when I got to the camp site it was beautiful. I was excited to actually see something that Beautiful at night you can see the stars and my friend Katie showed us this star lazer and that was Awesome. The success I know I did was climbing up Clouds Rest was so Awesome because I didn’t complain about anything or have any negative thoughts because when Anthony said his fear is giving up I thought about that and That inspired me to climb Clouds Rest (which is a mountain). My phrase about what Anthony said was As long as I have this OBA HOPE shirt on I won’t lose help. Of course God was There with me but I was happy I came here. It was Awesome.

And since I climb that mountain and went down it I feel great because I passed my test. Im Greatful to come on this trip for free, Awesome right I know!! But anyways my Group pick me to lead us home and I am so honored to lead us home. This is to wonderful. See over here you can taste fresh air and not Poluted City Air. I like out here because I don’t have to have my inhaler.

Jameel Sunset
Charles Jameel
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